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  • Writer Wednesday: Nicole Weaver

    Posted on January 19th, 2011 Shari 21 comments

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    Writer Wednesday is back! I’m very excited this week to feature Nicole Weaver, whose TRIlingual (yes, 3 languages) picture book, Marie and Her Friend the Sea Turtle is out. This is totally my kind of book. I remember buying my friend’s son a Spanish version of Green Eggs and Ham in an attempt to give him a book that exposed him to another language. Nicole does that in her book, with the languages side by side for easier understanding.

    About Nicole:

    nicole weaver

    Nicole weaver was born in Port-au-Prince Haiti. She came to the United States when she was ten years old. She is fluent in Creole, French, Spanish and English. She is a veteran teacher of French and Spanish. She is the author of a children’s trilingual picture book titled  Marie and Her Friend the Sea Turtle. The story is about a Haitian little girl who resided by the beach in Haiti. Her second trilingual children’s picture book will be published by Guardian Angel Publishing. The book titled, My Sister is my Best Friend will be published in 2011.

    About the book:

    A delightful story about compassion and the richness of family love and devotion!

    This story is about the love that developed between a little girl named Marie and a stranded sea turtle. The story tells the struggles Marie had as she helped the sea turtle back out to sea.

    Esta historia es sobre el amor que se desarrolló entre una niña llamaba María y una tortuga que vino a tierra para poner sus huevos. La historia cuenta las dificultades que tenía María para regresar la tortuga de nuevo al océano.

    Cette histoire est au sujet de l’amour qui s’est développé entre une petite fille qui s’appelait Marie et une tortue de mer qui est venue sur le sable pour pondre ses oeufs. L’histoire raconte les dificultés que Marie a rencontrées pour remettre la tortue dans l’océan.

    (okay, who could translate those paragraphs without looking at the English?!)

    On to the interview:

    1) I love the idea of a trilingual book. This is something I would have bought for my kids in a heart beat. Where did the idea for this come from and how do you go about writing it? Did you write the story in one language and then translate or was it simultaneous?

    I grew up speaking French and Creole, learned English as a third language and Spanish as a fourth. I know from firsthand experiences how important it is to be exposed to a language at an early age. I am a middle school and high school French, Spanish teacher; I wrote the book as a trilingual book so I can use it in my classroom. I see a huge need for books that will introduce children to different cultures and languages.

    I wrote the story first in English, then translated into French and Spanish. I need to make sure the story is well written in English before I venture out to write the French and Spanish versions. It is more of a challenge for me to write in English than in French and Spanish.

    2) What’s the nicest thing someone has said about the book?

    I have received a lot of excellent feedback from people; most people are amazed that I wrote the book in three languages. Bilingual families have emailed me thanking me because they use my book to introduce their children to a third language. Kathy Davis from said: “This book has a cute story, with bright and cheery illustrations. I could almost smell the salty ocean and feel the sun on my face as I read it. And I found the tri-lingual ingredient fascinating – it is not often I stumble upon a children’s book written in three languages.”

    3) Have you gotten any letters or reader reactions that surprised you?

    Yes! One individual surprised me with the following review: “The story of Marie and the sea turtle was cute. The story is delivered in three different languages which gives it a unique selling quality. I didn’t enjoy the set up of this quality. Overall this book was average for me. It was a cute story with a good lesson, but it wasn’t spectacular and didn’t stand out in any particular areas for me. My girls weren’t very interested in reading it multiple times.”

    This type of reaction infuses me with more tenacity to continue to write all of my books as trilingual books. Some people must be educated about the importance of different cultures and languages. I think what surprised me the most about the reviewer’s reaction is this statement: “My girls weren’t very interested in reading it multiple times.”

    4) Where did you grow up? When you were 12, what did you want to be when you grew up?

    I lived in Port-au-Prince, Haiti the first ten years of my life. I moved to New York when I was ten and had to learn English. I attended college in New York and later moved to Houston. At first, I had my heart set on becoming a translator/interpreter for the United Nations, but changed my mind after working as a French/Spanish tutor at Manhattan Community College. I decided to go to graduate school to become a foreign language teacher.
    5) What was your favorite picture book when you were a kid?

    When I first arrived to the United States, I got hooked on reading the Curious George series.

    6) Besides writing, what do you do to fill your days?

    I am a French and Spanish teacher at the middle and high school levels. My youngest is a sophomore in high school, he keeps me pretty busy attending his sporting events.

    7) If I told you tonight’s dinner was your last meal ever, what would you request? (appetizer, main course, dessert).

    I would request a main course: Coq-au-vin (organic chicken with wine sauce) with steamed haricots verts (extra fine French green beans)

    8) And the important question: Favorite Chocolate–Dark, Milk or White?

    I am not a huge fan of chocolate.

    9) Is there anything else you want to talk about?

    Firstly, thanks for interviewing me. Secondly, I encourage readers to check out my blog at: . I donate a portion of proceeds from my book sales for Haiti relief efforts; readers can get more information about the Lambi Fund by visiting their website:

    Lastly, readers can go here :, to view a recent interview and video about the good the Lambi Fund is doing for earthquake victims. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to interview me.


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    • Hi Shari,

      Thanks you so very much for posting my interview. Have a great day!

      Nicole Weaver

    • Nicole, great to have you over on the blog. Good luck with the book!

    • There IS such a big need for books like this, Nicole, and I’m so glad you wrote it…what’s the next one called?

    • I did not know what Coq-au-vin was until I read this interview.

      Great interview ladies. Nicole, I wish you continued success with your book.


    • Very Nice interview, and the book looks like it will be of interest to many children. Thanks for sharing.

    • Wonderful interview, Nicole! It’s great getting to know you better. I agree that a PB is 3 languages is an awesome idea for kids.


    • Good interview! The book sounds fascinating, Nicole. Best of luck with it. Thanks for sharing the book and Nicole with us, Shari.

    • Hi, Nicole,

      Nice to see you here so more people can find out about your books. I like your attitude toward less than wonderful reviews! We all get them from time to time.

      Happy writing! I’m looking forward to reading your next books!

    • Very impressed that you are sharing your blessing of being able to speak multiple language with children.

    • What a great interview! I loved Curious George as a child as well! I think it would be amazing to know so many different languages. I can’t get my brain to soak anything in but English and that is questionable at times, lol. You book sounds adorable and amazing!

    • Nicole,
      I think I learned a little more about you. Good luck with your book.
      J. Aday Kennedy
      The Differently-Abled Writer & Speaker
      Children’s Author of Klutzy Kantor & Marta’s Gargantuan Wings

    • What an interesting and inspiring interview! That is such a neat idea to have a book in different languages. Since young children learn so quickly, I think this would be a good time to expose them to other languages in a natural way.

    • Nicole, it was so nice to learn about you. I think the concept of trilingual books for kids is fantastic. Best wishes with it in the future, too.

      Margaret Rose

    • That reviewer’s reaction was weird, to say the least, Nicole. I think the reviewer kind of missed the point.

    • Dorothy, Cheryl,Terri,Mayra,Kai, Suzanne,Rebecca, April, Jessica,Inez, Margaret & Margay,

      Thank you so very much for stopping by to leave comments, I truly appreciate it.

      Thanks again Shari!

      Nicole Weaver

    • It’s been very exciting to see all the comments on this wonderful book and kudos for Nicole.

      Thanks, everyone!

    • Hi Shari:

      Hope you are well. Terrific interview of Nicole and her wonderful book.

      Hi Nicole:

      Great to get to know you even better. I hope your insightful and indepth article on Lambi Fund brings more attention to this worthwhile cause.

      To show what a small world it is. Shari and I live about ten minutes from each other and we met in person (my goodness Shari) about 2 years ago.

      Best wishes to you both,
      Donna McDine

    • Hi Donna,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for wishing me well with my endeavors. Wow! that is so cool that you know Shari and that you live so close to each other. The next time I come to New York to visit family, we have to meet for lunch.

      Hey Shari! You rock, I can’t thank you enough for interviewing me. Thanks again!

      Nicole Weaver

    • Hi Shari and Nicole,
      Thanks for an interesting interview. I like the idea of a book in three languages. It sounds like a bold undertaking. I’m sure the kids will love it.

    • Hello Barbara,

      Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment. Yes! indeed it is a very bold undertaking, but one I enjoy very much. I like sharing my knowledge of languages with children. They are eager to learn and I am totally dedicated to teaching them.

      Nicole Weaver

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