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  • Moving forward…

    Posted on January 3rd, 2011 Shari 1 comment

    Currently reading: THE TENSION OF OPPOSITES by Kristina McBride (Class of 2k10 mate)

    Last week we got the awful news that one of my son’s good friends lost his sister in a car accident. She was a beautiful, artistic, smart 17 year old with everything ahead of her. We are aching for this family and for the huge loss to our community.

    Incidents like these put everything in perspective. They also cause you to grab your kids and hug them till they beg you to stop. And of course, as a writer, you can’t help but peek out of your grief to view the whole thing as, well, a writer. That the situation contains shades of my next book is eerie. Thinking I should use my sadness to take a look at my manuscript with the raw emotion I was feeling, I opened the document. But I read the first few lines and realized the emotion was far too raw and it was all too close. I put my writer-self away.

    Today, the kids are back at school (okay, all except the one who is sick) and it feels like it’s time to start fresh. Move forward. Time to get the clutter out of my house (my husband and I thought we’d spend the vacation doing this–a thought that was more exciting to me than the beach vacation we are planning for later this year–but we didn’t quite get as much done as we would have liked). If I take 15 minutes a day and throw out a few things, in a month, I bet the place looks much better. Of course it helps that my husband has agreed that I can get rid of some of his old medical books (anyone want a Physician’s Desk Reference from 1993?!). So this is Goal #1.

    And the other clutter I need to be careful about is the internet clutter. You know, the kind that you start poking through and suddenly two hours of your writing day is gone? I vow to be more focused and wander less through Facebook and other such distractions (but on a different note–we saw “The Social Network” and loved it. A rare case of the five members of my family going to a movie together and actually finding one that both parents and a 16 year old girl and 13 and 10 year old boys would enjoy. Okay, wandering off again. Must pull back.)

    I’m making a renewed push to see my first baby Change of Heart out there (waves hello to anyone who may have found me via Kids Buzz and Shelf Awareness and Dear Reader, etc.!). One of WestSide’s strengths are its Teacher’s Guides and having seen one, I’m now trying to get them into some of the schools so they can see what a wonderful resource it can be. If you are a teacher and would like to see one, send me a note via my contact page. And I’m thrilled that Change of Heart will be on the Summer Reading list for Clarkstown High School South and hope it’ll find it’s way onto more lists.

    And speaking of lists…I was thrilled that Change of Heart was named to a few “Best of 2010″ lists. Here are two of the links if you want to take a look:

    Reading Addict and Ticket To Anywhere

    My next book, tentatively titled Callie’s Sister is shaping up. I’m eagerly awaiting my crit partners notes and have been so grateful to get the input of some fabulous teen readers and also my friend Suzanne, a home health care nurse, who has told me that my facts are good (always nice when the facts check out!).

    So as this week has shown us–savor the little things, hug your kids, appreciate your family and friends and look forward. 2011 promises to be a wonderful year.


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