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  • “You Gotta Have HEART” blog tour and a contest

    Posted on June 22nd, 2010 Shari 28 comments

    Currently reading: SHADE by Jeri Smith-Ready (Class of 2K10 mate)

    Now that Change of Heart is officially on bookshelves (yay!), I’m off and touring around the blogosphere. But first, two live appearances are coming up in the next few weeks.

    Sunday, June 27th: ALA Summer Meeting – Washington, DC. I’ll be signing at WestSide Books’ booth at 2pm. Come by, say hi, get a signed book and some other fun stuff.

    Monday, July 5th: Flyleaf Bookstore, Chapel Hill, NC 7pm. Book signing. I’m hanging in NC when my boys go to Duke Basketball Camp, so I’m thrilled to be able to go to the Flyleaf and do a signing.

    Tuesday, August 10th: The Book Revue, Huntington, NY 7pm. Book signing.

    Here’s a listing of where you can find me for the “You Gotta Have HEART” blog tour:

    May 22: Blog Talk Radio with Barry Eva

    June 7: Starry Night blog with Nadine-Stella

    June 11: Chick Lit Teens: Chick Chat

    June 11: Post Mortem with Jackie Morse Kessler (Death interviews Emmi)

    June 11: Through the Wardrobe Blog with Janet Fox

    June 11: A Tennerview with The Elevensies with Bettina Restrepo

    June 16: Breakup Story on Sydney Salter’s Big Nose Blog

    June 19: The Book Vixen–Interview and Giveaway

    June 22: Ellz Reads Interview

    June 22: Forever Young: A YA Lit blog–Guest post “YA: Not Just For Teens Anymore”

    June 24: He Followed Me Home Blog

    June 25: Tales from the Rushmore Kid: Book Blips

    June 27-July 3: Written Word Review

    June 29: Denise Jaden’s blog–Teen Author Tuesday

    June 29th: Class of 2K10 blog: My Worst Trip Ever

    June 29th: Writing is a Blessing: Author Interview

    June 30: Mindi Scott’s Magic 8: Author Interview

    July 1-30: Author of the Month on Heather McCorkle’s Blog

    July 2: So Many Books So Little Time blog: Guest post on Organ Donation Registration:

    July 6-10: Ticket To Anywhere/YA Roundup

    July 7: Medeia Sharif’s blog: Interview

    July 9: Chick Loves Lit Blog: Fun Five

    July 17: Word for Teens

    July 19: Katie’s Book Blog

    July 23: Donna McDine’s Blog

    July 26: Shari Green’s Blog

    July 27: Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm Blog

    July 29: Booking Mama Blog: Guest Post on Book Clubs

    August 2: Want My YA Blog

    August 7: Bloggers [Heart] Books Blog

    August 8: The Books Backlot Blog

    August 12: Sit There and Read Blog

    August 12: Readergirlz Blog with Holly Cupala

    September 20: Cynthia Leitich Smith’s blog

    And several more appearances. I will update these as new dates become available. I’m still looking for more stops, so let me know if you’d like to have me come by your blog!


    To celebrate the end of school here in NY, the “You Gotta Have HEART” blog tour and the sheer joy of seeing my books on the shelf and hearing people telling me how much they love the book, I’m going to have my first ever contest. In order to enter, leave a comment and tell me what your summer plans are (besides reading Change of Heart, of course!).

    The winner will receive a signed copy of Change of Heart:


    A Class of 2K10 BEA Tour t-shirt

    BEA t-shirts 007And some Change of Heart signed bookmarks and a squeezy soccer ball.

    Now for the bonus: 10 extra entries to anyone who tells me that they or someone in their family has registered to become an organ donor. You can register at the Donate Life website. Now, this will be on the honor system, so you’re not going to lie about it, right?!! If you or your family have already registered, you can still get the points. Signing your license is good, but doesn’t count for this–you must be in the computer database for your state.

    Two last things: Happy Book Birthdays to my friends Shannon Delany for 13 to Life and Holly Cupola for Tell Me a Secret. Both are very high on my TBR pile. Congrats on two wonderful books!

    13+to+LifeDelanyTMAS tilt rightThanks, everyone. Hope you are enjoying your summer!


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    • For my summer, I will be reading lots and taking care of my little girl. I am an organ donor.
      I can’t wait to read!

    • This summer, I plan on driving through some of the states with my mother and fiance! (I live in Canada. hehe) I also just agreed to get engaged, so we will be picking out the ring this summer! Then, reading-swiming-jetski! I love summer! hehe

      I love the cover art of Change of Heart!

    • Summer plans are days at the local beach with my boys, reading lots and lots of books and maybe a trip to the zoo for the first time for my youngest! I’m an organ donor (here in Canada)!

      This sounds like an amazing book! I can’t wait to read it!

    • My summer plans are to work at a summer camp in cape cod enjoying the sun, and of course adding posts to my blog about all of the great books I plan to read this summer!

    • Wow, you’re going to be busy — the blog tour sounds great! I’d love to host you one day, too (I’ll email you…).

      This summer I’ll be doing a road trip to visit family (yay!). Other than that, REALLY hoping to make a significant dent in my TBR pile, as well as get some writing done. Oh, and of course hang out at the beach! ;)

      My DH and I are both registered organ donors.

    • My Summer plans are not that exciting I’m afraid as I’ll be working through it on a hot hospital ward! I will try to fit in lots of reading though and I’m taking my boyfriend to a theme park next week to celebrate his birthday :)

      I am most definitely an organ donor. Looking forward to reading the book (one way or another)

    • This summer I’m going to the beach and then I’ll have to study. I have exams to take in September! Also, I think I’ll try to get my driver’s license.

    • Hi Shari! Me and my husband are both donors! Since I have the summer off (perk of being a school teacher!), I plan on spending it with my son. He starts kindergarten in the fall and I look forward to having this time together before he goes to ‘big school’ (that’s what he says!!)

    • This summer (other than working) will spend as much time as possible reading or watching baseball. My two fav things ever


    • My summer plans are basically reading, sleeping, swimming, and writing. To sum it all up, I’m spending time at home , but in July I’ll be going somewhere. The place has a library so my mom says I can read at that library.

    • My summer plans are to show my parents around Seattle and Vancouver and try take my little one swimming.

      I am most definitely an organ donor and I think it’s something that everyone should do.


    • Happy book birthday to Shannon and Holly! As for my summer, I plan on writing another book! And of course reading as many great YA books as I possibly can in the meantime.

    • This summer i shall be spending most of my days working on my final project in anticipation of finishing my degree at the end of summer. Oh and I shall fit in some reading (Linger is definitely on my list)


    • This summer, I plan to read, write, and enter a lot of contests.

      Thanks for this one!


    • Actually, I did sign up to give blood marrow. Does that count as an organ? They swabbed my mouth and if someone matches me, it could be a type of surgery.

    • This summer I’ll spend my time marching in the 100 degree weather while playing my flute. For about eight hours straight for two weeks. I don’t mind the heat I’ll get to spend time with my best friends and do something I love (marchind band).

      When I’m not band camp of practices. Hopefully I’ll be laying at the beach with a bunch of good books to keep me company. (plus tonsof sun block).

      Of course I’ll spend sometime with my family for birthdays and dinners.

      Then at the end of summer, I’ll dread going back to school.

      I’m really excited for this summer! Hopefully it will be as great as I imagine it. I can’t wait to read your book!

    • My summer plans involve work and sitting by the pool/on the beach reading. I know, rockin’ right? lol.

      Both my parents are donors. I’m renewing my license soon and plan on signing up then. 2 birds, 1 stone :)

    • Awesome contest!

      This summer I’m going to be reading lots and working as I’m a struggling college student. I’m slso hoping to take a mini vacation sometime in August.

    • I’ll be spending time with my older cousin, going to the beach and the mall, reading, writing. So glad it’s summer.

    • heather vanmoer

      This summer I will be doing lots of reading and camping with the family.Also I get to see my brother for the first time in 3 yrs when he gets home from Iraq

    • This summer I’m putting together a “Cherish Your World” event?concert to donate money to people in Haiti, where they are still suffering, and to help start getting funds together for people in the gulf affected by bp’s oil spill. The event will feature local musicians, interactive education on how to make sure you’re doing your part to take care of your environment and to love your piece of the world, and to have the smallest possible carbon footprint by using bettery powered amps and the like.

    • I’m having a staycation next week. That’s a stay-at-home vacation, necessitated by having spent all the $$ in NYC in April when I took my boys with me there for the first time & they were in the audience when I performed at Carnegie Hall. I plan to sleep, read, swim, drink a little wine, practice my flute, and I have a gig at a winery next Friday night that should be fun.


      jhsmail at comcast dot net

    • Victoria Zumbrum

      I am afraid my summer plans aren’t very exciting either. I work Monday through Friday and then when I am not working I am going to be reading and taking care of my son. I did get to see my favorite book series which they just released the third book Eclipse. It was excellent. Loved it.

    • I’m going to be getting my license this summer!! ^__^ I can’t wait to be able to do what I want when I want too!

      Thanks for the contest!
      Sarah L
      two_of_hearts_101 at yahoo dot com

    • Hello! Please enter me if the contest is international . Thank you!
      This summer I will be preparing for my postgrad entrance exams unfortunately. But I plan to do a lot of reading. Also I am going to have loads of sleepovers with my college friends because we might not be able to meet again….


    • I plan on catching up with my never ending pile of to be read books this summer!

      +10 My husband, my daughter and I are all organ donors :D


    • I plan on reading a ton, working on my blog, hanging out with friends, and playing a lot of lacrosse.


    • I just got back from Atlantic City so my vacation time with the fiance just finished. Perfect weather for the beach and relaxation. The rest of plans for the Summer consist of reading, hanging out and looking for a job! haha, I know sounds fun right? Thank you for hosting this contest!


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